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This is the storyline for Summoner

Summoner is a great fantasy role playing game by THQ and Voilition.

The story follows the path of Joseph, a young farmer with a mark on his hand, called the mark of summoners.With this mark he has the ability to summon powerful creatures to help him on his quests.When he was young he summoned a mighty creature that destroyed his town and killed everyone in it. Since then he vowed never to summon again and threw his summoning ring down a well.Yago, his mentor informs Joseph that he was just too young to control his gift of summoning.After Joseph and Yago have their talk he heads off in search of the four rings and to save the world from the Demon Of Darkness.An army called Orenians is invading the land in search of the boy that was born with the mark.They must destroy the summoner before the prophecy is fulfilled that a summoner will kill their king.

Joseph Jekhar Flece Rosalind and Minotaur ready for battle

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